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about HSCC

Hongkong Stem Cell Centre (HSCC), is a state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to provide outsourcing services to support the clinical applications of stem cells. Over 100 cases of stem cell transplants have been carried out by HSCC since April 2008. In order to achieve this, the centre employs clinicians to conduct the harvesting and grafting, and scientists who perform processing, clonal expansion (1) and storage.

Medical professionals who wish to use stem cells as a treatment for their clients, are able to access this multidisciplinary team of HSCC to gather clinical, scientific and laboratory support, tailored to meet their individual requirements.

about our Belief

The recent development in stem cell research indicates exceptional promise for the advancement of medicine. HSCC believes that these advancements will change the way medicine is practiced, hence, a strong demand for access to stem cell processing is foreseen.

As more professionals in Hong Kong are using stem cells as part of their patient care, HSCC is playing an important role to facilitate their needs for safe and reliable laboratory services.

about our Logo

Stem cell has a spindle shape on the culture plate. In our logo, the stem cell is represented in a blue colour integration sign, although stem cell is small, the compact of stem cells offer infinite possibilities in clinical application.