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A new study reveals that stem cells harvested through liposuction could be used to grow small blood vessels. Dr. Elizabeth Fox believes this could positively impact the lives of those in need of surgery.
30 Aug 2012 WDM Group PR Network

NEW YORK, NY, August 30, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — A new study suggests that blood vessels can be grown from stem cells harvested through liposuction, reports WebMD. Dr. Elizabeth Fox, who is well aware of the power of these adult stem cells, believes that this is a step in the right direction toward providing surgery candidates with blood vessels that do not offer the same risks as those grafted from other parts of the body or those made of synthetic materials, which include clotting, rejection, and functional failure.

According to researchers, millions of patients who are in need of surgery could benefit from the creation of these blood vessels. Dr. Elizabeth Fox, who works in plastic surgery, explains how stem cells can be used to grow these and other kinds of cells.

“Each fat cell in our body has an important anti-aging property,” asserts Dr. Elizabeth Fox. “It contains a pluripotent stem cell, which means that the stem cell can stimulate growth of other cells, such as blood vessels, collagen, connective tissue, etc.”

The blood vessels that researchers are hoping to create would provide an “off-the-shelf” alternative to harvesting vessels from other parts of the body or using vessels constructed from synthetic materials. As such, they could greatly improve the success of future surgical procedures. In fact, if properly developed, this technique may be expanded to grow a wider range of tissue, allowing for the growth of other body parts that can enhance surgical efforts.

While the growth of a full body part, such as a blood vessel, is a relatively new breakthrough, the use of stem cells has been practiced for many years. In fact, adult stem cell technology has been integrated into several different fields within the medical industry. For instance, Dr. Fox uses these stem cells during cosmetic procedures.

“Fat injections, a very important part of facial rejuvenation, can not only restore volume but improve the youthfulness of the skin’s structures because they supply new stem cells,” comments Dr. Fox. “My facelifts often include fat injection so that the properties of these stem cells can naturally improve the rejuvenation of the skin.”

Dr. Fox hopes that researchers continue to succeed in this endeavor, as she is aware of the significant, positive impact that successful results could have regarding patient care and treatment options.



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