Stem Cell Cosmetic Surgery

Stem cell research is once again a hot topic, but this time it is being used as a beauty aid. Reports online reveal that a wrinkle fighting process involving stem cells is about to undergo trials. With this technique, the client’s own stem cells will be used to remove wrinkles ... [Continue reading]
Injections of stem cells taken from patients blood may finally banish wrinkles if clinical trials of a new treatment are successful ... [Continue reading]
Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center offers a new body shaping procedure that utilizes regenerative stem cells to graft fat to muscle and tissue, providing higher-quality, longer-lasting results compared to traditional cosmetic surgery techniques. Industry experts believe fat grafting ... [Continue reading]
When using fat and stem cell transfer for facial volume enhancement, it's disingenuous to tell patients a stem cell face-lift is being performed, said Dr. Mark Berman ... [Continue reading]
Have scientists finally discovered the fountain of youth? Results from a new study suggest a way to stop aging might not be too far-fetched after all ... [Continue reading]
Studies show that stem cells from fat tissue demonstrate early success in reconstructive surgery. STEM cells derived from human fat tissue were recently reported to demonstrate early success in reconstructive surgeries ... [Continue reading]
For Houston plastic surgeon and facelift expert Dr. Henry Mentz, stem-cell enriched fat grafting is a powerful component of a facial rejuvenation plan not only because it effectively replenishes ... [Continue reading]


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