Stem Cell Therapy

Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) is a medical complication after your body receives foreign cells either from a transplant of an organ or from blood products. Our cells are organized to recognize our own cells from ... [Continue reading]
U.S. researchers are preparing to begin human clinical trials of a novel therapy that uses genetically modified stem cells to fight HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The therapy would populate a patient's diseased immune ... [Continue reading]
A new study, appearing in Cell Stem Cell and led by researchers at the University of Southern California, outlines the specifics of how autoimmune disorders can be controlled by infusions of mesenchymal stem cells ... [Continue reading]
The first published results from an early-stage clinical trial show that spinal cord stem cells can be delivered safely into the spines of patients with the condition ... [Continue reading]
When I was commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 2005 to 2009, I saw firsthand how regenerative medicine offered a cure for kidney and heart failure and other chronic conditions like diabetes ... [Continue reading]
Prof Colin McGuckin, director of the newly launched Adult Stem-cell Foundation of Ireland, said debate was needed on the controversial issue for the health of Irish citizens ... [Continue reading]
Leukemia and certain related conditions are often treated with radiation and chemotherapy to eliminate cancerous or diseased cells, but this process also severely compromises the native blood forming and immune system in the patient ... [Continue reading]
Athersys, Inc. announced today that it has been granted U.S. patent 8,147,824 that covers the use of non-embryonic, multipotent stem cells for the reduction in severity or prevention of ... [Continue reading]
Treatment methods for controlling the growth of cancer might transform cancer from a terminal disease to a chronic, manageable one, Israeli researchers said ... [Continue reading]
For 14 years, Shraddha Churi suffered from fluctuating blood sugar levels. Before she knew it, she developed type 1 diabetes and has had to take regular doses of insulin since then... [Continue reading]


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