Stem Cell Therapy

Are you free to use your own body’s cells to treat your medical condition? Under the rule of the FDA, apparently not. A U.S. District Court has sided with the FDA in its lawsuit against Regenerative Sciences, stopping the company from treating orthopedic injuries by culturing and re-injecting a patient’s own stem cells ... [Continue reading]
Now, the FDA is approving a human safety trial using patients’ own spinal cells for acute spinal cord injury–the kind of injury sought to be improved by the now defunct Geron embryonic stem cell human trial ... [Continue reading]
The latest round of a stem cell debate may have concluded, but as far as the lawyers representing an orthopedics company that has offered stem cell treatments are concerned, it’s a long way from over ... [Continue reading]
Born with a restricted trachea, Ciaran Finn-Lynch may have undergone his last surgery, doing well two years after receiving a stem-cell treated trachea ... [Continue reading]
In a development that could revolutionise transplantation surgery, the Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre has developed a technique that will put an end to patients’ lifelong dependence on drugs to prevent rejection of the transplanted ... [Continue reading]
“Stem cells beat kidney rejection,” says BBC News. The broadcaster says that an injection of stem cells given alongside a kidney transplant could remove the need for a lifetime of treatment to suppress the immune system ... [Continue reading]
Stem cells have proven beneficial in rodent models of spinal cord disease and injury. In these animal models, stem cells have been shown to produce their effect by the dual action of cell replacement and the trophic support of the factors secreted by these cells ... [Continue reading]
Recently, stem cell therapy has become a buzzword among health and wellness practitioners and enthusiasts, some of whom claim that the procedure can treat various diseases ... [Continue reading]
MANILA, Philippines – Stem cell therapy, aside from being a potential cure for a wide range of illnesses, can also make a patient look and feel younger, a stem cell therapist said ... [Continue reading]
A small Chinese study has reported that 15 of 28 young type 1 patients, aged 14 to 30 years, who underwent an experimental adult stem cell procedure were able to stay off insulin injections for an average of 18 months. Though not conclusive, the study highlights an interesting ... [Continue reading]


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