Stem Cell Therapy

As ABC's Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts prepares for a bone marrow transplant this week, advocates in the transplant community are praising her efforts to raise awareness about the lifesaving procedure and increase the number of donors ... [Continue reading]
A New Approach to Erectile Dysfunction? Study Shows Adult Stem Cells Offer Hope to Patients with Erectile Dysfunction and Nerve Damage ... [Continue reading]
Dear Dr. Donohue • Since starting to clip your articles, I haven't found any that deal with using adult stem cells for breakthrough treatments, such as repairing heart damage. Could they help if one needs an aortic valve replacement ... [Continue reading]
We previously reported that in a model of spontaneously progressive glomerular injury with early podocyte loss, abnormal migration and proliferation of glomerular parietal epithelial progenitor cells ... [Continue reading]
Autism and Cord Blood Stem Cells: FDA Gives Green Light for Groundbreaking Clinical Trial. Sutter Neuroscience Institute, a recognized Center of Excellence, and CBR (Cord Blood Registry), the world’s largest stem cell bank, are launching the ... [Continue reading]
Pioneering stem cell researcher Prof Martin Pera discusses where stem cell research has been and where it’s going, the therapeutic potential of stem cell technologies, and what we should and ... [Continue reading]
PATIENTS will have 10 million stem cells injected into their brains in Scotland as the world's first trial of a revolutionary new treatment for stroke damage steps up a gear ... [Continue reading]
Stem cell transplants, more commonly referred to as bone marrow transplants, may offer a cure to people living with HIV/AIDS, according to data released in July at the International AIDS Conference (IAC) in Washington, D.C. A noted Boston physician ... [Continue reading]
By Diane Suchetka, The Plain DealerThe problem: Until recently, when a patient suffering a heart attack arrived at a hospital, doctors could open the blocked blood vessel and restore blood flow to prevent further damage. But there was nothing they could do to reverse the harm already done ... [Continue reading]
TORONTO — To arthritis patients, they still seem like wonders of modern medicine: artificial hip and knee implants that curb chronic pain ... [Continue reading]


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