Stem Cell Technology

Stem cells are often in the media and are promoted as wonder cells that can solve the problems of most diseases. The stories told throughout this film give the story of stem cells behind the hype and describes the real state of stem cell research and therapies today as well as what we are aiming for in the future ... [Continue reading]
UCLA stem cell scientists who purified a subset of stem cells from fat tissue and used the stem cells to grow bone discovered that the bone formed faster and was of higher quality than bone grown using traditional methods ... [Continue reading]
BERLIN -- Autologous blood stem cell transplants significantly improved survival in patients with high-risk scleroderma, despite significant treatment-related mortality, a randomized trial showed ... [Continue reading]
Using a heart attack patient's own stem cells to rejuvenate the myocardium may not be the best course of action, researchers suggested ... [Continue reading]
Stem cells are mysterious. They are cells that make or replenish other cells. For example, when you donate blood, your stem cells are in charge of replenishing your blood cells. Scientists have found stem cells throughout the body ... [Continue reading]
A study conducted by Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland scientists identifies how skeletal muscle stem cells respond to muscle injury and may be stimulated to improve muscle repair in ... [Continue reading]
From the perspective of conventional cancer treatment a diagnosis of multi-drug resistant cancer is equivalent to a death sentence. By the time such a diagnosis occurs, the patient's body has been irreversibly damaged by chemotherapy and radiation ... [Continue reading]
Human embryonic stem cells have the capacity for self-renewal and pluripotency and thus are a primary candidate for tissue engineering and regenerative therapies ... [Continue reading]
Fibroid uterine tumors affect an estimated 15 million women in the United States, causing irregular bleeding, anemia, pain and infertility... [Continue reading]
Expanding on previous research providing proof-of-principal that human stem cells can be genetically engineered into HIV-fighting cells, a team of UCLA researchers have now demonstrated that these cells can actually attack HIV-infected cells in a living organism ... [Continue reading]


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